Wednesday, 23 February 2011

You don't take a photo, you make it- Ansel Adams

Meet Rufus.  He is quite possibly the most scrumptious baby I've ever met; after my cousins & godchildren, naturally!  My aim was to be more adventurous in how I processed the shots afterwards as I've always been cautious of overdoing it (a la Venture et al...) & wanted so much for any editing to be subtle that I became afraid of doing it at all.  So, I took my time and did the tongue-sticking-out-concentration-face which I think helped a lot & here is the outcome.  Comment/critiques very welcome

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  1. Oh my gawsh! He is totally adorable, can see why you love taking his picture. I don't think the photos are over-edited at all, in fact if you did do any was it just a bit of vignetting?! The black and white one is my favourite. X