Tuesday, 22 February 2011

No furniture so charming as books

So my first step on the Good Life ladder was to join the Library.  Of course, I was a member many, many moons ago and there was nothing I loved more than traipsing off to the Library with my Ma, Sister and Brother at the start of each half term to choose a bundle of books.  But since I started earning proper grown up dollars I much preferred perusing the brand new books in Waterstones with their uncracked spines and would come back with more than was necessary.  Especially since my friend Lucy worked there and I was able to abuse her staff discount!

Stepping back into my local Library was like going back in time, it still looked & smelt the same and even the librarians were the same (apart from one who looked like a tall Ronnie Corbett).  But instead of heading straight to the stairs for the kids section I spent a couple of peaceful hours in the photography & arts section until everything got a little too noisy with a stroppy teenager arguing with her mum about why she couldn't get Britney Spears AND Dannii Minogues Biography.  What's wrong with a good old Jaqueline Wilson book?!

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  1. I now go to the same library I used to go to when I was a little girl and I was delighted to see the same librarian working still working there. It must be odd for them, to see us grow up.

    I love your blog header and colours! This is going to be one mighty good read!