Friday, 25 February 2011

Off the hook...

It's been well over a year since I tried my hand at Crochet.  Apparently it runs in the family (can such a skill run in families?!), my Grannie tells me her sister Cora used to crochet bonnets for her and her sisters Florence and Margaret when they were young.  When I was in Colorado visiting family a couple of years ago my cousin whipped up a blanket during the week I was there & made it look so very easy.  So when I gave it a go, I was disappointed to discover that I was certainly no Elizabeth Zimmerman!  I would send picture messages to my very talented friend Fay moaning about how my project looked & why wasn't it working.  Fay's response was always so helpful & encouraging and slowly but surely I got the hang of it and worked my way through this blanket for Fay's beautiful little poppet Florence:

I've since made the mistake of starting but not finishing new projects.  If anyone needs half a glove, a wonky tea cosy or a ragdoll with no arms or legs then I'm your woman!  In a bid to change my half-heartedness behaviour I found a gorgeous pattern for a circle-in-a-square granny pattern blanket which means I can dip in and out of making these for as long as it takes!  My Aunty recently suggested I try knitting too; but I'm all armpits, limp wrists and dropped stitches at the mo, which does not a winning combination make!

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  1. Oh yeah the granny squares are where it's at!
    I recently taught myself to crochet and I identify with sticking to small projects, I don't think I could face starting a blanket quite yet but a square is manageable. I also have quite a tradition to follow as both my Mum and granny were expert knitters and seamstresses. I wrote about it here...

    So glad I've found you're blog - good luck with the squares!