Saturday, 18 May 2013

Jen & Greg ~ Sneak Peek

Well things have certainly been quiet on the blog front for rather a looooong time!  Only a wee sprinkling of weddings in the diary this year as I will be very busy preparing for my OWN wedding next February and with that and the day job, I'll be a busy little bee!  Shooting the first wedding of the year on 1st April was a treat (not an April Fool in sight, apart from the corker of a trick I played on my Arsenal supporting Fiance after telling him Theo Walcott was the Grooms cousin and was going to be at the Wedding!! Mwahhahahaha)...

Jen & Greg got married at their beautiful church in Rugeley followed by a reception at Barton Marina.  It was a wonderful day, and although sunny, thanks to the tradition of placing a Child of Prague statue in your window the night before a wedding to guarantee good weather, it was rather chilly and blustery... Nevertheless,  Jen & Greg just didn't stop grinning all day - Jen has one of the best happy faces that I've ever seen!!  Sneak peek photos prove it!