Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bargain Bureau!

Is it just me or are Bureau desks frightfully enchanting?  I was always fascinated by the one my Grannie & Grandpa had in their bedroom.  I used to sneak upstairs and rummage through the drawers, inside the desk which at any one time would reveal things like scraps of paper which Grannie had scribbled any poems that might pop into her head on or handful of Grandpa's receipts which he ALWAYS kept!  There were two items that lived permanently in the middle drawer...  Fishermans Friends and teeny tiny pink glass elephants.  I never asked where the elephants came from or who they belonged to; they seemed so fragile and special that I daren't ask anyone about them incase I got told off!  Cousins if you're reading this - did you do the same?!

Anyway; I found a beautiful Bureau of my own for £40 on ebay and have spent the last few weeks putting my own spin on it.  I used Farrow & Ball Dove Grey on the exterior and Cinder Rose on the interior with Dimity to highlight the recesses.  Big thanks to Lucy & Kristian at Lavender Grey for being brilliant & helping me 'ummmm and ahhhh' and make the right choice of colours! I just need some little glass elephants to put in the drawer now...

Thursday, 2 June 2011

James & the Giant Windmill

Meet James.  He is my favourite.  He has the sweetest, funniest personality and says the most hilarious things.  Today for example, as he was waving goodbye to his Grandma as we drove away; he narrated what was happening and said 'Goodbye my Grandma, my best friend, said James!' Oh how I laughed.

James is super special to me.  His mum is my dearest and oldest friend Georgina.  We have known each other since we were knee high to a grasshopper (actually Georgina is still knee high to a grasshopper!) and when I look at James all I see is the little face that was constantly by my side for my entire enchanting childhood... They look so similar!  And I think I pretty much have the same amount of fun with James at this age as I did with Georgina way back when.  Well almost as much fun; I don't think James would care much for the following pastimes:
Yes, we were doing tree rubbings just for fun!
Doing what we did best: prancing around the garden barefoot!
As a 5 year old James is very much like Georgina was at that age - full. of. beans.  He literally doesn't rest from one moment to the next.  He loves doors; yes, doors. He loves seeing how things work.  He is so curious about EVERYTHING that attempting to turn a camera on him would give even Jasmine Star a reason to put the thing down and never try it again with him! I can't remember the last time I managed to capture a passable photo of James; I know most children are curious about cameras, especially now they can see the images displayed straight away on the LCD, but with James it's a different story - queue the questions:  'What are you doing?' 'What is that?' 'What is inside?' 'I want to make a photo'  and my favourite 'I want to see a little James on the little TV on the camera...'

So when he came to visit over the last couple of days I decided to test the water again and was thrilled with the results, I was only hoping to get one decent portrait shot (see first image) but managed to get a little handful of candid shots of our day out.  Note to self; distract him with a real life windmill more often.  He LOVES them!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coming soon - Frances & Tom: The Wedding

Meet Frances & Tom.  I LOVE them.  They are perfect for each other - both so full of love & life and so warm & engaging towards others. I'm so lucky to count them among my friends.

Not only are they super fun, but they are incredibly talented at playing the Ukulele and Spoons too! I met with them last weekend to talk through the plan for their wedding over a few bottles of Prosecco & red wine and the truth is that I think it's going to be one of the best weddings of the year! I don't want to spoil the surprises but there are going to be lots.  And it's all happening on a farm!  YEEHAA!

I've known Frances for 12 years but our friendship was only truly cemented in 2004 when we discovered a mutual love of the Backstreet Boys & Olives, and before you ask, of COURSE we have AJs raps locked down! Love you Frankie!
Because everyone loves a then...
...and now photo!