Lucy & Jamie
Huge thank yous!! The photos are absolutely amazing; we just spent the last half an hour ooohing and aaahing over them. We are delighted and proud as punch! Rufus is changing so much, it is great to have a record of a precious moment in time! We will treasure them.X

Rani & Tom
Hannah, the photographs are exquisite. We have lost count of how many times we have looked at them and how many happy tears we have wiped away! We can't wait to share them with our family and friends and enjoy reminiscing about our special day! What a wonderful talent you have to share!  xx Rani & Tom

Kate & Ollie
We just wanted to thank you again for capturing our big day SO BEAUTIFULLY! We couldn't have asked for a better reflection of events! You were so professional, uber friendly and stealthy! Keep on it, K + O xx

Barbara Hulanicki

Love your photos, they are great! So nice meeting you on that FUN day! All the best, Barbara XXXX

Guardian Camera Club Review (Before I knew what I was doing!)

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This is a portfolio of images all about the state of childhood, never an easy thing for a photographer to capture, or to be more precise, capture without descending into cliché. While a few of these are fairly close to that, on the whole they have a freshness and unencumbered feel that really resonates. The backlit hair and golden light in the first two images ('Things Children do...') is effectively evocative of summer, and the nostalgic black and white image, although verging on the corny, in fact works well. The portrait of the baby shows just how other worldly babies can look, and the use of very narrow depth of field, and a lack of eye contact (or even eyes themselves) seems to indicate that a child's world is to an extent closed to adults. And of course is all the more mysterious for it. A very good portfolio, excellent!